About Mattias Lindeblad


Mattias Lindeblad is a well-known Swedish journalist who has presented music shows on Swedish national radio and television. He’s made a couple of highly acclaimed documentaries together with his friend Melker Becker, and together they’ve written two successful books about heavy metal and one book about the horror genre.

In 2013 Mattias curated (in collaboration with photographer Jörgen Hinder) Gothenburg Sound: The Exhibition – an open exhibition about the bands that made Gothenburg synonymous with melodic death metal: In Flames, At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity.

And now, Mattias Lindeblad can’t wait to bring the spoken word – the uncensored tales – about the music we love from the people behind it, to you with the Bullseye Talk Show.

It’s as close to the stars as you’ll ever get …


Link to Mattias Lindeblad’s books (In Swedish only)

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