About Bullseye Talk Show

The Bullseye Talk Show

Bullseye is a live talk show. With the help of pictures, video clips, humor and the love of music the host Mattias Lindeblad takes the audience on an in-depth journey throughout the history of the bands and artists that gets invited. The fans get to hear about how it all started, about the life defining albums and the ups and downs of being in the music business. Personal previously untold stories always tend to crawl out of the cave during a 60-90 minute show.

BULLSEYE is like a mixture between a classic talk show, James Liptons “Inside the Actors Studio” and the ultimate meet-and-greet – a unique opportunity for the dedicated fans to get closer to the bands they love than they could ever dream of …

Peter and Bjorn from IN FLAMES guests on THE BULLSEYE TALK SHOW (Swedish Only)